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Strategy & Design

Sumec Corporation - Garden Tools · Petrol lawnmower

China · Sweden · Barcelona



New platform for professional machines

Sumec, one of China's largest import and export firms and with a long tradition in the sector, bases its business philosophy on research, innovation and development and it specialises in the creation of machine tools, gardening tools, etc.

Sumec - Garden Tools asked ÀNIMA Barcelona to develop a lawnmower with top of the range features, designed for intensive, professional use. The product also had to serve as a platform for future models.

This was an interesting project carried out jointly by Sumec's technical office in China, its engineering office in Sweden and ÀNIMA in Barcelona. This project prioritised all the elements affecting the machine's sturdiness, and a lot of effort went into a very special design for the handlebars and the accessories required by this kind of machine.

The final outcome was a robust, reliable machine with a truly impressive image and results.