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Strategy & Design

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Comprehensive design services

Conceptualisation · Style · 3D development · Prototypes

Udine · Italy



Reliability and durability combined with harmonious aesthetics

Freud, whose experience in the industry dates back more than 45 years, manufactures and sells tools with hard metal and diamond cutting edges for working with wood and its derivates, aluminium and PVC. The brand has pioneered the study of new designs and research into new materials for its tools.

ÀNIMA Barcelona was in responsible for designing a complete range of portable machine tools for the professional segment. Of particular importance in the product conceptualisation was the study of the products' ergonomics, their user-friendliness and an analysis of the materials used to make each article, as well as its functionality and durability, but without renouncing any aesthetic requirements. To this end, several prototypes were made which were used to check the details of the end product.

Jordi Fernández

Project Manager at FREUD


«Freud had the opportunity to collaborate with ÀNIMA Barcelona between 2004 and 2007: a young team with great talent and a clear design vocation.

With a great sense of the aesthetic and a huge talent for understanding our needs from the industrial point of view, they managed to give our products added value that helped us grow our market share.

In addition to the commercial success resulting from our choosing this young company, as it was at that time, the long hours of work together were always a pleasure: ÀNIMA Barcelona is made up of a team of people that combines a capacity for hard work with the principle of enjoying what they do.»