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Sumec Corporation - Power Tools

Design services

Product portfolio management · Positioning · Style · Advice and technical support

Nanjing · China



Unifying technical and aesthetic parameters: a successful case in the market

Sumec, one of China's largest import and export firms and with a long tradition in the sector, bases its business philosophy on research, innovation and development and it specialises in creating machine tools, gardening tools, etc.

ÀNIMA Barcelona was asked to manage and create the complete catalogue of machine tools for Sumec - Power Tools. The project consisted of designing an extensive collection of machine tools and accessories of all kinds, including sanders, drills, portable saws, generators, etc.

Based on a long-term collaboration project, the challenge lay in developing an extensive catalogue of products that were, in principle, highly heterogeneous, while also unifying aesthetic and design criteria. Due to the size of the project, ÀNIMA had to carry out an exhaustive preliminary study on the clients' needs, the competition and the trends in style. The result was a complete, homogeneous range of articles that has enjoyed significant success on the market.

Today Sumec - Power Tools has an extensive catalogue of products unified under the same technical and aesthetic parameters.

Ni-Cd range

Collection of portable tools with nickel cadmium batteries (Ni-Cd), in which the articles are particularly versatile, as well as long-lasting and highly autonomous.

Lithium range

Series of portable products with lithium batteries, made up of a complete range of more compact, functional tools.

Wire range

Catalogue of various wired tools that complete the range of Power G products, of note being their features and high autonomy.


Collection of drills for professional use, developed focusing on functionality and improved ergonomic features.

Orbital sanders

Electric orbital sanders of a range of sizes and power, prioritising functionality, durability and the characteristics of the materials.


Series of saws for professional and DIY use, with great features, advanced ergonomics and detailed finishes.