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Strategy & Design

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Sumec Corporation - Garden Tools · Electric lawnmowers

Concept · Style · Development · Design management

Nanjing · China



An original collection with its own personality

Sumec, one of China's largest import and export firms and with a long tradition in the sector, bases its business philosophy on research, innovation and development and it specialises in creating machine tools, gardening tools, etc.

Sumec - Garden Tools commissioned ÀNIMA Barcelona to create a complete catalogue of electric lawnmowers. The firm's resources for design, image and development were spread between different production plants, so that the range presented by Sumec on the market was not very homogeneous and lacked its own character.

Based on a long-term collaboration project, the challenge for ÀNIMA Barcelona consisted of centralising the design tasks in order to create a complete series of products, covering different levels of features and engine specifications and with all the articles in the range having a unique, original line of style, with personality.

As a result of this project, Sumec now has different electric lawnmower platforms with plastic and steel plate bodies.

ÀNIMA Barcelona has also personalised the different machines in many different ways for retail brand clients.