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Strategy & Design

At ÀNIMA Barcelona we love to make your dreams come true. This is what industrial design is about. And this what we do.

STRATEGY - Research & Planning



Behind every good business, there is always more than a good intuition.

A solid strategy is compulsory to be successful in the market and we can help you in developing it. 

Research: we deeply analyse your customer in order to provide you a strong demand’s knowledge;

Innovation: we offer you our creativity and rigorous methodologies to think innovative solutions. Innovation is the only way allowing you to change coherently with the market evolutions;

Planning: we carefully define a roadmap to ensure a proper and effective implementation of your strategy.

CREATIVITY - Concept & Design



Creativity is definitely our core expertise.

We love generate new ideas but always based “on the ground”.

Ideation: we generate new ideas aiming to provide the best response to your clients' needs;

Validation: a successful product does not depend only on brilliant ideas. It must fit the real needs. That’s why, to validate our ideas, we always take in account all needed practic factors such as manufacturing, assembly, shipping and after sales;

Design: we do know how design your product to achieve the strongest personality and top funcionality.

High Quality, Production Costs, Personality and Funcionality are all basic axis to be successful in the market. That’s why, we always recommend to carefully define them in the beginning.

DEVELOPMENT - Engineering & Industrialization



Beyond the design stage, we can turn a concept in a product.

Thanks to our experience and the alliance with strong engineering partners, we can support you through all the development stages. How?

Engineering: we carry out all the process development; from renderings (the design stage output) to the final 3D;

Prototyping:  we carefully develop and test prototypes to create the best conditions for the industrialization stage’s beginning;

Industrialization: we help you get ready for the production start up. We optimize the manufacturing process, ensure the quality control standards as well as protect your intellectual property. 

MARKETING - Branding & Launch



In the current fragmented market, you need to have a strong brand positioning and develop a smart launch strategy.

Thanks to our experience, we know how to drive your products to the market.

Brand Positioning: we help you to define and positionate a strongly competitive Brand;

Visual Identity: we define your Brand Image and we implement it through all the needed channels;

Market Planning: we drive your brand to the market defining and developing all the needed actions to achieve your sales target.