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Ideas for life


Safety tag

This wristband, designed in collaboration with Petronor (Repsol Group) and Tecnalia Research Centre, is made for use in petrol refineries as a safety system to help find people in closed spaces in case of maintenance interruptions. 



A technological system aimed at the agricultural and gardening sector for the optimisation of irrigation.


Home Air Fresheners

The work of Ànima in this field consists of creating new innovative concepts based on user research, and then carrying out its engineering work. You can find most of them on the market today.



The manufacturer Ziron asked us to develop a solution to conveniently store and carry a coffee machine with its capsules for their new brand Nesscase, with a view to use in second homes or at offices, product demonstrations or catering services.


Asphalt iPad

ÀNIMA Barcelona manages all aspects of design for various articles under the brand, and has been responsible for creating several product ranges, such as laptop bags and other computer-related personal accessories.


Gas lighter

This gas lighter was designed following the strict regulations for fire products. It has also benefited from extensive ergonomic engineering of its buttons to create an easy-to-use product.