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Fisher Lamp

An elegant design for this LED desk lamp, which also can work as a wireless charger for smartphones and other devices.


Casper Lamp

Casper is a LED desk lamp that combines soft elements with natural ones.



Gaudí is a range of outdoor luminaires resistant to water. His designs vary in simple geometric shapes designed to fit in various spaces.


Bathroom furniture

A range of bathroom furniture collections with innovative proposals in terms of combining materials, functions, shapes and structures.


Bathroom accessories

ÀNIMA Barcelona designs for B&K bathroom accessory collections using innovations in materials and textures and with geometric, simple lines.


Bathroom fittings

Comprehensive design management project: brand creation, trend research, developing the complete catalogue of bathroom fittings and planning communication and distribution.

The Bathco

Bathroom fittings

Thinking up new ideas for various collections of basins made from different materials, such as porcelain, resin, glass and natural stone.

The Bathco


ÀNIMA Barcelona has been responsible for designing many different solutions for the bathroom: fittings, furniture and other accessories, and a variety of lines.


Hydromassage shower

Shower column with a hydromassage system of its own design that reflects a modern, original style with its own personality and in tune with today's trends.



The new range of faucets was design to match with the new range of bathroom equipment designed for the brand Joinwill from Shanghai. 


Lotus Sink

This is a sink, part of a bathroom set that emulates the shape of a lotus flower leaf.


Customizable furniture

Mobelbox is a company that designs, produces and distributes very simple, fully customisable furniture.