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The urban motorbike VOLTA · BCN

Electric motorcycle project for the VOLTA brand, integrating new technologies and meeting the requirements of sustainable mobility but without renouncing great features and design.

RBS Adventure 900 is also characterized by its distinctive new design, wind protection and climatology that offers its windshield, the improvement of their seats, great accommodations and studied ergonomics, they offer a high comfort and his muscular presence make it a striking vehicle. Click on the link for more information...

Other projects


Model XTR

ÀNIMA Barcelona has been managing the design of the most radical version of this sportive car. A new front, cockpit, wings and diffusor gives this sporty feeling to the car.


Model R Evolution

New style with improved aerodynamics and design components in several internal and external parts of this exclusive vehicle.


GT1 electric car

Bodywork design for a GT1 racing car and development platform for new sustainable automotive technologies.


Moto2 · M210

Bodywork design for a motorbike by the Bottpower motor-racing team, with a singular image and combining the necessary technical and aerodynamic characteristics to compete in the Moto2 category.


Electric Megascooter

Based on an already existing platform, ÀNIMA Barcelona is designing the bodywork for a top of the range electric scooter.


MOM 2010 car

An innovative concept of vehicles has emerged for a new system of automated, driverless mobility with the aim of resolving the traffic jams occurring in large cities.


GT4 electric car

Complete bodywork design for a GT4 electric racing car.


Dragonfly E-Scooter

Dragonfly is an electric scooter for urban use designed for the female public. The compact size and the flat base for the feet make it perfect for daily use in the city.


Qin & Suri

Ànima has defined a new style to adapt the Qin & Suri models which are manufactured by the major Chinese company BYD and aimed at the European market.