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Gamma Group · Hydromassage shower column

Comprehensive design service

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A distinctive proposal with simple, elegant lines

The Gamma Group investigates bathroom solutions that combine design and functionality with the aim of imprinting an individual personality and style on a very private place.

ÀNIMA Barcelona created a hydromassage shower column of its own design for this retail brand that provides articles for the bathroom and construction. The column, compact with simple, elegant lines, adds extraordinary, bold style to the bathroom space. ÀNIMA also took part in the industrialisation process with external suppliers.

Marcel Sibila

Product Leader at Gamma


«The Unna column was our first design project. We wanted to bring out a modern, different hydromassage column at an affordable price..., an undertaking we subsequently realised was not so easy. Luckily, we commissioned ÀNIMA Barcelona with the project. We were pleasantly surprised right after the first few sketches, because all the different columns they presented to us as ideas were spectacular!

When the time came to produce the model chosen, that was when I truly realised why it's so difficult to design new products. There's a saying, isn't there, that you can do anything on paper. But it's in the manufacturing and talking with the suppliers when you find out whether you've chosen a good designer or not. In this respect, I'm very grateful to ÀNIMA for their support during the long production process we went through; their technical knowledge simplified things. As well as their factory visits... in China!»