MINIBATT - Wireless chargers - ANIMA Barcelona

Strategy & Design

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Wireless chargers program

Anima Barcelona design studio has been in charge of the product design of the new Minibatt wireless charger program.

Adding the high-end technology from Minibatt and the experience in product and industrial design of Ànima Barcelona .

The product had been created not only focus in the aesthetics but also in the functionality creating user centered designs, easy to use product, wearable and durable. 

Also the materials and the shapes contain a great work in ergonomics for use, stability and eye angle visuals

Jordi Gilberga

CEO Director general de Minibatt

I apreciate alot the involvement of ànima Barcelona in this project

From the begining they had look for the solutions to all the challenges that i propose to them  and acomplished the rough timmings without sacrify the quality of the deisgn and the product

As a summary they have adapted to the real needs of Minibatt